Different LED Lights

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What is the difference-tech LED lamps with other lamps? How do LED lights can be used  to create a new atmosphere in your home? Let's look at  his review.

The difference is the advantage of LED lights with other lighting technologies are as follows:

  •  Different LED Lights LED is Reduce your electricity bill, because it is more energy-efficient LED lights up to 80% compared to ordinary incandescent or halogen.
  • Different LED Lights LED IsEnvironmentally friendly and healthy, because the mercury-free LED lights.
  • Different LED Lights LEd is More rarely replaced because the LED lights last longer. The average LED light for 25,000 hours life
  • Different LED Lights LED is Does not emit UV radiation.
Now, homeowners should begin to consider using lights with LED technology for lighting LED have following benefits and Different LED Lights :
  •   With LED lights, homeowners have the option to create a luxurious ambience to any room in the house.
  •   LED lights, the lights can be dimmed, have the effect of light warm white, cool white, or sparkling light.
  •  The LED convenient, because it emits a natural white color
  •  The socket LED lights with regular lights, making it very easy to switch to LED lights
Looking at the various advantages and limitless possibilities in utilizing LED lights, are you ready to become the first consumers who use them in your home?
Hopefully with this article led a difference and add insight to help friends about LEDs
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Wikipedia LED

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Wikipedia LED

This time I want to tell my friends about what is the meaning of the LEDs based on wikipedia .

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor  light source.[1]  LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other lighting. Introduced as a practical electronic component in 1962,[2]  early LEDs emitted low-intensity red light, but modern versions are available across the visible, ultraviolet  and infrared  wavelengths, with very high brightness. LED light wikipedia

Wikipedia LED, When a light-emitting diode is forward biased (switched on), electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons. This effect is called electroluminescence and the color of the light (corresponding to the energy of the photon) is determined by the energy gap of the semiconductor. An LED is often small in area (less than 1 mm2), and integrated optical components may be used to shape its radiation pattern.[3] LEDs present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size, faster switching, and greater durability and reliability. LEDs powerful enough for room lighting are relatively expensive and require more precise current and heat management than compact fluorescent lamp sources of comparable output.

Light-emitting diodes are used in applications as diverse as replacements for aviation lighting, automotive lighting (particularly brake lamps, turn signals and indicators) as well as in traffic signals. The compact size, the possibility of narrow bandwidth, switching speed, and extreme reliability of LEDs has allowed new text and video displays and sensors to be developed, while their high switching rates are also useful in advanced communications technology. Infrared LEDs are also used in the remote control units of many commercial products including televisions, DVD players, and other domestic appliances.

This article mention you about LED based Wikipedia
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How To Build LED Cubes

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Hallo Friend, if you wanna make Led Light or you have led projects , you maybe interest to read my post about How to Build LED too.

How To Build Led

The warm ambient glow of the LED Cube’s fantastic display of illuminated animation and hours of programming. They’re actually easier to create than you may think. We’ll show you how in plain English using simple designs and multiplexing
  • A 3×3x3 LED Cube Design.
  • Let’s step it up a notch with this fantastic 4×4x4 tutorial.
  • 8×8x8 is a bit more complicated, but is definitely worth the effort. You’re able to create far more intricate displays, patterns and animation.
How To Build LED Cubes

Absoulte Insanity!
led technology
  • Did I hear someone say 1000 LEDs? Yes, 10×10x10 is definitely possible, but incredibly difficult to keep track of each LED’s individual location. Check out the videos:
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More and more manufacturers are using LED lights

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More and more manufacturers are using LED lights 
LED, a small row of lights that accompany the usual headlights and on luxury vehicles, are now increasingly used various types of vehicles.

Audi is the first brand that uses tiny diode lights it.

LEDs along with price, more and more manufacturers are installing the lamp on the vehicle type. USAToday noted that new vehicles include Kia.

Korean brands that put up the LED to light during the day at Soul corssover 2012 and Rio. Soul Line of lights consisting of two layers of LEDs in each headlight and two taillights in line.

Wolkswagen install LED with a circular shape on a VW Beetle 2012. Chrysler to install LEDs in the headlamps 200 and 300 series sedan.

Ford Taurus sedan uses LED on, especially on the turn signal and rear lights. Hyundai put on luxury sedans, Genesis.

"LEDs add a touch of luxury, and it turns out not only that," said Hyundai's Vice President Chris Hosford.

"LEDs are paving the way for the designers of the new ways of creative with lights that had been limited by federal rules. LEDs can be arranged in various forms," said Hosford.

Arrangement of LEDs on the VW Beetle headlights reinforce the character through a similar "bug eyes".

LEDs already surging to the Audi's typical of the brand.

The drafters of the vehicle to see LED lights as a way to enhance the appearance of a vehicle that is not a luxury category.

"LEDs are usually associated with luxury vehicles," said Kia's chief designer, Thomas Kearn.

LEDs have become standard equipment on most luxury vehicles such as Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. Mercedes-Benz even put it down to the cheapening of the series, the C-Class. Lexus LF-Gh which is still a concept car also uses a lamp.

What Is Led ? You can read this @ What Is Led Light?
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The house with LED lights

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Want your home look different than before? or want to change the atmosphere of your home to feel more comfortable when he was in it?150x150 LED light on the importance of structuring your  house has been trying to do various things to get it, but do not get the results exactly the way you want, then you need not feel confused. Try to pay attention to the arrangement of light in your home, whether you have perfect taste?If your answer is no, or maybe you are not able to answer, then you'll want to try something new for your home arrangement of light.Structuring of light in residences

What Is Led
 No need to be in doubt, the arrangement of light certainly is an important part of a house to get the right atmosphere and comfortable to your liking. This type of lamp used was very influential with the quality of light and harmony in the room in your home.The importance of lights on house arrangement of light tinggalBila you decide to rearrange your home lighting by replacing the lights you use, of course you need to consider carefully, especially in terms of light quality and the ekonomisan in using energy.One option that is currently considered to be appropriate is probably the LED lights. Using this light, the quality of lighting in the room you will feel more dynamic because it can create new designs form the infinite and the energy-saving course.Before deciding to use LED lights, maybe you need some information that you can make consideration before actually choosing LED lighting as a solution for the convenience of your home atmosphere.Here are some things you may be able to add your information about the LED lights are now regarded as the future of home lighting:What is LED technology and why it has determined to be the future of home lighting?

* Analysts estimate that LEDs will become the dominant source for residential and commercial lighting and will be used as replacement for incandescent light.

* LED lighting technology offers the benefits and possibilities in a dynamic design that can not be achieved with conventional lighting.

* LED lighting is the ideal solution to create atmosphere and enhance the visual impact of a living space.

* The LED is also a solution that offers comfort, low-glare light for the functional needs of a living space.

* Superior quality LED bulbs have a longer life when compared with ordinary light.

* The LED is made by not using toxic materials, does not emit heat and does not emit ultraviolet light.What are the things that make a lot of people are interested in using their home LED lighting?

* The quality of light from the LED lamps can provide comfort and tranquility due to the range of the emitted light is comfortable for the eyes, the LED lights are free of lead and mercury, these LED lights also offer a more efficient heat settings.

* The LED lights can add premium accents into the room, because LED lights have many choices of light settings for easy set the mood in each room.

* Homeowners with small children will get more benefits for the use of LED lights in his house, especially in the study room and family room.

* These energy-efficient LED lights capable of consuming energy up to 80% smaller than ordinary incandescent or halogen lamps and LED lamps are long life has an up to 20-25 years.

For additional information for you, Philips is currently developing its technology and manufactures several types of LED lights that you can use as needed. One example is the Philips products AmbientLED Focused Beam. This type of lamp is specially designed to ease you illuminate objects such as favorite paintings, sculptures or centerpieces or to highlight the interior decoration of a living space.With LED lights have been produced by Philips, this course will be easier for us to get this type of lamp in Indonesia. In other words, it also has made the Indonesian people to make their home a comfortable and have proper lighting.
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What Is Led ?

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What Is Led Lights
what is led
What is  LED | What Merk Led Beter
Lamp (Lamp Led), an instrument that found Thomas Alva Edison in 1879 without us knowing it is actually one of the most important tool in our lives. Can imagine what it would be a day without light? Dark! That is what is felt and almost nothing can be done if we are completely in the dark.
Modern times many friends who think they are using gadgets such as mobile phones, Netbook.Blackberry and the like that is the most important and they're always updated on the gadget itself. If they do not update will feel outdated at all, but there is a tool / gadget that really is not less important with the gadgets that I call on the lights.
Okey, I guarantee almost all of your friends have the lighting in his house and feel the light used and feel comfortable enough with the lights that are mounted from the first. Just like other gadgets such Hp.Bb, Laptops are always experiencing growth, was also begitu.Pertama lamp was invented by Alva Edison until now have many berkembangan. Earlier types of lights that I know is incandescent, fluorescent, lamps Semprong (banjo language, he), petromax lights, candles (if the electricity goes off) and others. But it turns out I just know there is a cool new lighting technologies such thing as LED lights.
Already know with the technology tebaru Led Lamp. What are the benefits when using Led? . Some questions that might arise your minds when I first heard the word of LED lights. Led LED lights
Said LED stands for Light-emitting diode (light diodes) is a semiconductor that emits incoherent monochromatic light when given forward voltage. These symptoms include elektroluminesensi form. The resulting color depends on the semiconducting material used, and can also near ultraviolet or near infrared.

LED lights have several advantages of conventional lamps which we used previously (fluorescent, bulb, etc.) so that the lights Led lights appropriately referred to as the future and began to be used from now on.

What Is led (LED LAMP) better than nion ?
Led Lights  Is
Some of the advantage gained when using LED lights instead of Nion lamps / bulbs:

What is the advantage led lights :

    * By using our LED lights can save on electricity bills because you know that incandescent bulbs convert only about 8% of electricity consumption used to be light. Compare with LED lights that can change the double that is about 15-25%.

* Led generate less heat. Thus in addition to saving power consumption of the lamp is also efficient for cooling lsitrik consumption.

* The heat generated light that we often use but not comfortable to the eyes can also change the color of the home decor. When using LED lights that can be avoided because of the quality of pencahaan LED lights and better heat management.

* LED bulbs are free from the danger of mercury so it is safe to use anywhere. Hemmm I think in every public location should be switched to LED neh, he

* The LED lights are much more durable, 60 times that of incandescent lamps and 10 times that of Nion.
* The LED light has an elegant design, even beautify the interior of the room.

In addition to the above advantages, the LED lights also have a few weaknesses that cost a bit more expensive than the price of regular lights, but with these advantages I think is more profitable when using LED lights. What's more for me a student who had little trouble on EYE, honest almost every day I feel dazzled ditempatku work, the light emitted from the lamp is too Lebay Nion I think, uh. Even this may be one cause of minus my eyes.
Using LED lights can maintain healthy eye because the light produced is more perfect plus LED lights produce very little heat, indirectly we help fight Global Warming. Pay a little more expensive I think is very comparable to the benefits in the future and the elegance and comfort of LED lights.

So be ready to switch to LED LAMPS and live a better life?.
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