More and more manufacturers are using LED lights

Posted by Penulis Blog on Thursday, July 14, 2011

More and more manufacturers are using LED lights 
LED, a small row of lights that accompany the usual headlights and on luxury vehicles, are now increasingly used various types of vehicles.

Audi is the first brand that uses tiny diode lights it.

LEDs along with price, more and more manufacturers are installing the lamp on the vehicle type. USAToday noted that new vehicles include Kia.

Korean brands that put up the LED to light during the day at Soul corssover 2012 and Rio. Soul Line of lights consisting of two layers of LEDs in each headlight and two taillights in line.

Wolkswagen install LED with a circular shape on a VW Beetle 2012. Chrysler to install LEDs in the headlamps 200 and 300 series sedan.

Ford Taurus sedan uses LED on, especially on the turn signal and rear lights. Hyundai put on luxury sedans, Genesis.

"LEDs add a touch of luxury, and it turns out not only that," said Hyundai's Vice President Chris Hosford.

"LEDs are paving the way for the designers of the new ways of creative with lights that had been limited by federal rules. LEDs can be arranged in various forms," said Hosford.

Arrangement of LEDs on the VW Beetle headlights reinforce the character through a similar "bug eyes".

LEDs already surging to the Audi's typical of the brand.

The drafters of the vehicle to see LED lights as a way to enhance the appearance of a vehicle that is not a luxury category.

"LEDs are usually associated with luxury vehicles," said Kia's chief designer, Thomas Kearn.

LEDs have become standard equipment on most luxury vehicles such as Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. Mercedes-Benz even put it down to the cheapening of the series, the C-Class. Lexus LF-Gh which is still a concept car also uses a lamp.

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