What Is Led ?

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What Is Led Lights
what is led
What is  LED | What Merk Led Beter
Lamp (Lamp Led), an instrument that found Thomas Alva Edison in 1879 without us knowing it is actually one of the most important tool in our lives. Can imagine what it would be a day without light? Dark! That is what is felt and almost nothing can be done if we are completely in the dark.
Modern times many friends who think they are using gadgets such as mobile phones, Netbook.Blackberry and the like that is the most important and they're always updated on the gadget itself. If they do not update will feel outdated at all, but there is a tool / gadget that really is not less important with the gadgets that I call on the lights.
Okey, I guarantee almost all of your friends have the lighting in his house and feel the light used and feel comfortable enough with the lights that are mounted from the first. Just like other gadgets such Hp.Bb, Laptops are always experiencing growth, was also begitu.Pertama lamp was invented by Alva Edison until now have many berkembangan. Earlier types of lights that I know is incandescent, fluorescent, lamps Semprong (banjo language, he), petromax lights, candles (if the electricity goes off) and others. But it turns out I just know there is a cool new lighting technologies such thing as LED lights.
Already know with the technology tebaru Led Lamp. What are the benefits when using Led? . Some questions that might arise your minds when I first heard the word of LED lights. Led LED lights
Said LED stands for Light-emitting diode (light diodes) is a semiconductor that emits incoherent monochromatic light when given forward voltage. These symptoms include elektroluminesensi form. The resulting color depends on the semiconducting material used, and can also near ultraviolet or near infrared.

LED lights have several advantages of conventional lamps which we used previously (fluorescent, bulb, etc.) so that the lights Led lights appropriately referred to as the future and began to be used from now on.

What Is led (LED LAMP) better than nion ?
Led Lights  Is
Some of the advantage gained when using LED lights instead of Nion lamps / bulbs:

What is the advantage led lights :

    * By using our LED lights can save on electricity bills because you know that incandescent bulbs convert only about 8% of electricity consumption used to be light. Compare with LED lights that can change the double that is about 15-25%.

* Led generate less heat. Thus in addition to saving power consumption of the lamp is also efficient for cooling lsitrik consumption.

* The heat generated light that we often use but not comfortable to the eyes can also change the color of the home decor. When using LED lights that can be avoided because of the quality of pencahaan LED lights and better heat management.

* LED bulbs are free from the danger of mercury so it is safe to use anywhere. Hemmm I think in every public location should be switched to LED neh, he

* The LED lights are much more durable, 60 times that of incandescent lamps and 10 times that of Nion.
* The LED light has an elegant design, even beautify the interior of the room.

In addition to the above advantages, the LED lights also have a few weaknesses that cost a bit more expensive than the price of regular lights, but with these advantages I think is more profitable when using LED lights. What's more for me a student who had little trouble on EYE, honest almost every day I feel dazzled ditempatku work, the light emitted from the lamp is too Lebay Nion I think, uh. Even this may be one cause of minus my eyes.
Using LED lights can maintain healthy eye because the light produced is more perfect plus LED lights produce very little heat, indirectly we help fight Global Warming. Pay a little more expensive I think is very comparable to the benefits in the future and the elegance and comfort of LED lights.

So be ready to switch to LED LAMPS and live a better life?.

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